240Z Project

240Z: Transmission disassembled, Exploded view, ready for blasting

Today finally some progress on the Z from my side as well 🙂
After removing the Breather vent:

I had serious trouble to get out the speedo pinion carrier from the transmission. Thanks to my close friend Stefan and some brute force, it finally gave up and came out nicely:

He also managed to move the “tube” that holds the gear selector in place, intwards the transmissino housing:

So i was able to remove the gear selector.

It’s currently at my other buddy Stefan for some rework (more on that soon)

After i finally have disassembled the transmission as far as i want to go myself, i had to make an “exploded” view shot, just for fun’s sake 🙂 

Next step was masking the transmission housing parts with duct tape for glass-bead-blasting and to prevent glass beads ending up in the transmission..

The previous owner once decided to paint it all in silver, but i will get rid of the peeling-off paint again and have it back in all it’s original aluminum glory. Now only waiting for that one part back from rework, then will have it all blasted. All the other parts are ready 🙂


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