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240Z: Windows ARGIC EuroCodes

In 1993, big Glass-manufacturers Saint-Gobain, Pilkington and Belron decided to create a universal identification code for all glasses and accessories fitted on vehicles that have been, are and will be circulating on the European Market. The Organization is called ARGIC (Automotive Replacement Glass Identification Center), see www.ARGIC.org.

The Code they use to identify single windows on cars is called the ARGIC Eurocode.
The Eurocode has a maximum length of 15 digits and is fully self-explanatory, thanks to logic of codification that is always the same and thanks to the information that can be found in the Matrix.
Here’s a list of available Windows with ARGIC Codes i found on
https://www.classic-autoglas.com/ for the 240Z. They seem to have a long delivery time, but great prices and good service, from what i heard.

You won’t find the code on your original windows since they were manufactured before ARGIC was foundet, but you can find your code online.
Myself already got the windows, but i thought this knowledge might be useful for some of you. Many classic cars are available with ARGIC codes, which makes it easy to find and purchase the windows.

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