OTHER: Dani’s Datsun Cherry N10 (and missing Emblem)

A few weeks ago i met an old school-buddy of mine which i haven’t seen in a while. I knew he was into restoring old Alfa-romeos but he asked me if i could help him look for some parts for a Datsun which his girlfriend bought. Of course i can 🙂

Last week i went to check out the car: A genuine Datsun Cherry GL N10 1979 prefacelift 5-door in a lovely blue color and great condition: 

Aside from a few very small rust spots that will be adressed soon, the car is really almost mint.

Love the big Datsun letters on the back 🙂

Little motor is running well and just needs a bit of fine-tuning on the carbs.

Love the blue interior, almmost factory-fresh 🙂

It even seems that it came with some cool dealer optional wheels:

In the first picture you could see that the gorgeous large datsun “D-Emblem” in the front-grille was missing, that’s where i came to play. Thanks to some people i know, i was finally able to find a NOS Emblem at a dealer in Germany. I want to thank My man Marco a lot for supporting me with this. Thanks mate 🙂

So hopefully the car is completed again soon 🙂

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