EK9: Electrical gremlins part 3 – Problems solved

After one of the massive return springs at the Garage door burst, i wasn’t able to Access the Garage, then i got hit with a summer Influenza and daily duties so this got a bit delayed. However i’m happy that i was finally able to fix all the electrical issues on the EK9 and have her back in full running mode.

Ordered a new brake light Switch. Turns out Honda Switzerland is charging 68.- CHF for a new one and has a 5 weeks delivery time for this. I would have preferred an OEM product but since summer in switzerland is short i didn’t want to have her in the Garage all the time. So i decided to purchase a similar third-Party Switch on Ebay for half the Price and a 3-days delivery time:

Here we had the old Switch still installed above the brake pedal:

New vs old:

New one installed:

everything back together, and it works – yay 🙂

Time for a spirited test-drive.

whats up next? I think it needs a thorough cleaning inside and outside and probably a bit of photoshooting 🙂

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