EK9: Free new windshield – when problems solve themselves

Long story short: I brought my EK9 to the annual scheduled maintenance service to my local Honda shop And that was the only thing planned. However Many years ago i had the windshield replaced by the very same garage and it wasn’t done properly. Unfortunately i never really noticed and when i realized there was a purely cosmetical problem it was too late to get some warranty work done. Since it wasn’t really a big issue i decided to leave it and get it done when i have some stone-chips or something since only the position was slightly off and the rubber a bit off too. No safety issues here.

But. When i brought it for the service, the garage noticed the window was slightly off and tried to fix it. but unfortunately they broke the old windshield. so at the end they had a me a completely new Windshield installed. luckily with perfect fitment this time. And since they broke the old one, their insurrance pays it. Perfect 🙂

Picture all show the replaced windshield. (no before pictures). Well, with a few days delay, the car is finally back in it’s home and ready for summer season 2017 🙂

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