240Z Project

240Z: Transmission disassembly work

Dear readers, sorry for the lack of updates during the last weeks. I was very busy with some other big things, one of them beeing marrying my wife 🙂
Yesterday i got back to work in the garage. while it’s still freezing cold outside i got some stuff done on the transmission. I found a local glass-bead blasting company and i’m preparing the transmission to be blasted soon. So i had to remove all bits and pieces:
Shifter lever Bracket removed:

Removed the shifter bushings from the brackets and had all laid-out:

Removed the control arm springs and “plugs”

Tried to remove this plug, but after trying hard and not beoing able to get it out, decided to leave it there for blasting 🙂

Removed the oil filler plug

And the speedo sensor (still in place here): 

Still need to figure out how to remove the speedo sensor complete, the plastic vents and then i’m ready to get it blasted 🙂

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