240Z: Six Years Project anniversary recap

Today, exactly 6 years ago i bought this beautiful 240Z from a web anouncment. Time for a little recap. What happened so far?

Probably the goal to do a quick restoratin was a bit over-ambituos, since i honestly didn’t have a lot of knowledge about cars and restoration at all. Turned out i bought a bit of over-priced junk. p1020100-kopie-2

After dismantling every single bit and nut from the white chassis and putting it into a rotisserie, i wasn’t really sure how to continue work. Since the shell was in a such bad condition, despite looking very good when i bought it. Underneath the paint it was all rust and bondo and bad metal-patchwork.

Thanks to a few friends i found this rusty car in bad condition for really a bargain, so i thought i’ll buy it as a parts-car to have some extra spares for my Z:

Sunroof was missing and snow had been inside the car so it was a bit rough to say at least.p1080044-kopie-2

Got it dismantled to bare shell anyway and after talking to the bodyshop guy we decided to rather save the second chassis than the first. From this point on the restauration somehow got a bit more serious and professional.p1130546-kopie

Here is the last time the two were seen together. After this pic was taken the white one was sold as a parts-car to a friend and the black has been at the bodyshop since then, slowly returning to it’s former glory.p1130544-kopie

Meanwhile i’ve collected a big area full of NOS and aftermarket parts, some plans have slightly changed since the beginning and it has been quite the oddyssey so far. I’m pretty sure the trouble will continue. But i guess that’s half the fun, right? Challenge accepted 🙂

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