ATENZA: Hatch cleaned, Atenza Emblem installed

Has been a while since i did some physical work on any of my cars, but i’m doing a lot of reasarch at the moment and enjoying the short summer. However i felt like it’s time to get some work done today. Started like this:
P1170769 - Kopie

Decided to clean my hatch a bit by removing the “skyactive” and “Mazda 6” Emblems.
Used some dental floss to “cut” through the adhesive stuff:
P1170776 - Kopie

And then removed the rest by rubbing it with my fingers and using solvent cleaner.
Took me about an hour to complete the job 🙂P1170773 - Kopie

Then installed the JDM “Atenza” emblem at the exactly same position:  P1170777 - Kopie

And this is how it ended up. Much cleaner in my opinion 🙂P1170781 - Kopie

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