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RACE: GP Diessenhofen 2016

The title says “race” but honestly i didn’t really get what the event was about yet. The homepage lacks a lot of information and there were some showlaps in the morning and some “race” laps in the afternoon but i have no clue if it really was a race or more timed showlaps. Nevertheless we had a few fun hours at the GP Diessenhofen today.

I heard the first time about the event last year and since it’s only 40minutes drive from my place we decided to have a look. It’s a very small track through the historic city Center of Diessenhofen directly at the river Rhein and then surrounding the city bit.

At the show laps in the morning you had possibilities to get taxi-rides in the cars for 20 bucks only so this sounded like fun. We ended up checking out the exotic machinery before the showlaps, then looking at the showlaps and then heading home during lunch-time before the rain came in. The cars were divded in four groups, the first one beeing supercars of modern and older generations:

Between all the barking and noisy ferrarris and their owners who liked to rev the engines it was kind of fun to see this BMW i8 silently passing by with nothing but a “swissssh” πŸ™‚

This AC Cobra definitly had the nicest sound of all the supercars:





Then there were the Open wheelers and formula race cars which i personally liked most:

Particulary liked this one with the “John player Special” Livery πŸ™‚





Then there were several racecars based on street-cars of all kinds and colours:


Some of them beeing very exotic and expensive i guess πŸ™‚

While some were from the cheaper end of the scale but none less interresting. Not sure if i’ve ever seen an Autobianchi A112 Abarth before πŸ™‚

Classic race mini allways makes me smile. P1170199


And then there was an array of cars which reminded me very much about the hillclim cars i see every year. Allthough i have to say i wasn’t really sure where the cars were usually used because some of them i was very unfamiliar with. Which didn’t mean they were less spectacular πŸ™‚P1170224


The last group was about british Sportscars with some more or less exotic brands Like TVR:


Or the AC 3000ME With Ford Engine:


Classic Lotus ElanΒ  P1170195

Or how about a Marcos? πŸ™‚P1170196

All kind of cars were on stage πŸ™‚P1170226

In between the local cart-racing club put some showlaps in their racekarts. Must be fun to drive on public streets in these things πŸ™‚ Β Β Β Β  P1170222

After all it was a fun few hours to spend a sunday morning. Still i’m not really sure what the event was about but it was interresting to see some exotic and rare cars and there really was a cool mix of cars and brands πŸ™‚Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  P1170192

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