240Z Project

240Z: Bride Histrix number two arrived :)

About two years ago i was a lucky guy to find a NOS Bride Histrix Seat on Yahoo auctions. Probably the last new one for sale. I bought it and ever since then i was looking for a second one, because only one would suck. A few months ago my Buddy Stef was at my place and we talked about how hard it would be to find a second one. The same evening he saw something about a Histrix for Sale and sent me a screenshot.
Histrix Catalog - Kopie

I Immediately got in contact with the seller but it wasn’t really a seat for sale, but more possibility to get one custom made for my by Bride Japan. A lot of emails back and forth and negotiating, which even including talking to Bride representatives at Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year and finally, yesterday this box showed up at my door.. 🙂P1170159 - Kopie

Inside was a Brand-spaking-new, Order-made only-for-me damn BRIDE Histrix Seat. Oh how happy i am 🙂P1170161 - Kopie

My girl also liked the fact that there will be a passenger seat for her in the car now too 🙂P1170160 - Kopie

So at least that task is closed now. Seats – acomplished 🙂  P1170162 - Kopie


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