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FRIENDS: Stef’s Datsun 1800 / Laurel C30 finished!

About five years ago i posted in the JNC Forums that i was looking for someone to Weld a Rotisserie for my Z. A buddy named Stev sent me a PN and offered free help. I was more then happy and when i met up at his place a few weeks later he just started a restoration of a genuine swiss Market Datsun 1800 aka the Laurel C30. That’s what i saw inย  his garage then:
P1030839 - Kopie

This project began just as a “quick rebuild” for a new daily driver…
P1030827 - Kopie

But as with any project of this kind it became quite big and ended up taking five years of work. In my opinion it was well worth the wait. At the Meet last sunday the Car moved under it’s own power for the first time since 27 Years of Storage and it seemed like Stefan was more than happy with how it ended up!ย  P1170132 - Kopie

Purists may note some blacked out Details, SSR wheels and de-chromed bumpers. In my opinion they all just add to the coolness of the car ๐Ÿ™‚P1170133 - Kopie

Once i was able to reward him a bit for all the free work he’s done for me, by helping him get the hands on some genuine JDM Taillights.P1170134 - Kopie

Unfortunately i forgot to take a shot of the interieur with Mooneyes Floormats and excellently fitting and super comfortable Seats from a french made Simca Rally CarP1170135 - Kopie

Rebuilt Engine with custom made strut tower bar, Custom electronic Harnesses and new paint allround.P1170138 - Kopie

After all i can say the car ticks all the right boxes for me. Meanwhile we somehow have become good friends and all thanks to our similar taste in cars… Great work and i can’t wait to see the next Project (240k-GT aka the “Yonmery” 4-Door Skyline!) start ๐Ÿ™‚P1170137 - Kopie


  • dave

    its first look at datsun laurel pics for a few years when i found your posts
    heres a little free info i found out when i had a nearly new one on the road around 1974 onwards.
    i fitted the steal wheels from the good old british morris oxford and austin cambridge,wolseley and riley models.straight on to the laurel hub asseys.also i needed a back silencer and found the big jaguar xj6 saloon silencer fitted quite easily once tail pipe made to clear body.I hope these tips help you.dont envy you welding this models paper thin metal tho.see ya.


      Hi Dave,
      thanks for your reply and inputs. the car is not mine, but my buddy stefan’s car. it’s completed now and running well. but nice to hear how you retrofitted those parts ๐Ÿ™‚

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