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EVENT: Japaner Young- & Oldtimer Meeting, Bleienbach 2016

The annual Meeting was held this sunday, so i hopped into my EK9 and my buddy Daniel joined me in his Prodrive P1 coupé. Due to the nice weather the turnout was really great with a relaxed attitude and lots of cool cars. Unfortunately many people decided to leave early to enjoy a ride in the sunny weather or so. So when we arrived at 13.30 first cars weare leaving already. My Pics are mainly from the afternoon, but i found some photos online from the morning. I didn’t see most of the cars in those pictures, so there must have been a lot of other cars in the morning 🙂 Check out more pictures HERE
As usual it began already interresting on the outside with an R33 to the left 😀 In the link above you can see there were some more Skylines in the morning…

The Silvia S12 is a secret favourite of mine. I’ve always loved the AE86’s Nissan-twin, but somehow it was never that popular.P1170076

Old Honda S-chassis roadsters are always a lovely sight…P1170077

Subaru always seem to have an interresting selection of cars at the show. This station wagon beeing the first street legal Subaru in switzerland in 1974 or so.P1170078

The Rothmans rallye-livered legacy behind it was an unexpected but thus cool sight!P1170079

I’m sorry i don’t know the subaru models too well, but this one was another cool gem 🙂P1170080

Honda S-chassis specialist Sven joined the Show with the Coupe n the back. Not my choice of color but it was rather funky and fitted the CRX next to it 🙂P1170082

Aaah, the classic japanese sports coupe’s 😀 Celica GT next to a Pair of Datsun Z’s.. P1170084

Another Silvia S12, but this time a “Grand-prix” edition with widened fenders, trunk spoiler and all. damn this thing is cool 🙂P1170086

Rene Joined the Party with his Crown wagon as well. This Whale of a car never fails to amaze me 🙂P1170087

The celica always had a strong following in switzerland so they showed up in big numbers and all kind of styles and trims, as usual.P1170088 P1170089

Jerome’s Datsun 1600 aka the 510 is a super-rare sight over here. I love it 🙂P1170090

Now this one is another rare sight, a Laurel C130 Hardtop Coupé. Seems to be a legit swiss market model. unfortunately had a few dents in the back, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. The driver seems like he’s owned it for a while :P1170091



A Datsun Cherry is also a rare sight and this one looked absolutely mint…P1170092

This cool Toyota station wagon was owned by some older bearded guy who really seemed to enjoy the car.P1170093

Aah – The mitsubishi Lancer A17 Turbo boys 😀 Rallye is still quite big in Switzerland and these cars all had some rallye themed liveries and souped up turbo engines – nice 🙂P1170094



And speaking of rallye. I heard the owner talking about the scratches on the rear corner and he said he just went to a rallye the day bevore the show. Seems like the car was used hard. Just how it should be. right?P1170095

The interieur revealed that the owner took this rallye-thing more serious than what i first expected.P1170096

H-Powers “Minty-Fresh” EJ1 Civic is a work of art. Maybe not everyones colour taste but the work behind it is incredible. Probably switzerlands cleanest engine bay 🙂 Check out the Build-thread here.P1170098


And staying with the Hondas, I alyways had a soft spot for the old civic Hatchback. Somehow my EK9’s grand-grand-dad. It’s a shame that since the EP3 all Civics just look like crazy overloaded compared of the timeless cool down-to-earth attitude of all older generations.P1170102

I thought it was quite cool to see a group of TRD Hiluxes in the field as well. I didn’t even know there was a following in switzerlandand enjoyed the sight a lot. Thumbs up!   P1170106

Here we have a trio of red sports cars 😀 FD3S RX-7 twin turbo to the left (rare to see an un-modified LHD swiss car!), a beautifully modified MR-2 SW20 in the middle and an AW11 Turbo MR-2 to the right. Geat combo 🙂P1170107 P1170109

The Honda S-chassis group was there in full force but unfortunately a lot of them left before we arrived.P1170110

I loved this Mugen Pro.2 CR-X on Mugen wheels and Integra DC2 / EK9 seats. They used to be all the rage 10 years ago but now you rarely see one on the street. Specially good looking models got rare…P1170111

And here we have the EE-Hatchback brother of the CRX 🙂P1170112

Of course a bit “fast and furious” belongs to every Japanese carshow and these 300ZX and MR-2 proudly represented their japanese Veilside Bodykits 🙂

However it seems like most rare japanese cars which used to be nice “tuner cars” in the past, were almost in stock form. Like the RX-7 above, this MKIV Supra looked almost stock.P1170115

Oh and here we have a nice FC RX-7. Love the mix of boxyness and curves 🙂P1170116

You cant say Japanese classic without AE86, right? Nice Levin Hatachback!P1170117

Mitsubishi Sapporo from the late 80ies 🙂P1170118

and another shot of it behind it’s older twin. Great to see some of these cars survived!

ah, and the Z’s. some twins which seemed like they were modified in the late 80ies or so. Z-knowers may have spotted that the one to the right is a 2+2 model 😉P1170119

Another AE86 which wasn’t destroyed in some drifting, hillclimb or rallying 🙂P1170120

Oh and now to a nice trio. The Toyota Carina, Cressida and the Celica all looked like they were fresh out of the factory. Absolutely stunning and i didn’t even know a cressida existed in switzerland. Was super happy to see this combo!P1170125

This Celica Liftback 2000GT was another cool sight with classic vinyl stripes and all. P1170126

And here we have Davide’s lovely Sunny GTi B12 (aka the RZ-1)P1170127

Another rare sight in switzerland is an AE86 Notchback corolla. this one seemed to be inspired a bit by the japanese Motorfix cars when it Comes to color-choice and mods 🙂P1170128

This KE70 Corolla Liftback was an absolute gangster machine. I just love the style and attitude this thing has. For some reason it just screams badass. The bodykit really fits the car and i wonder about the Story behind it. 🙂P1170129

One of my secret favourites was this Suzuki Alto. Looked absolutely mint with low mileage and has an Engine the size of a bread 🙂 I just love it because of the fact that somebody saved this thing and kept it in such a good condition!P1170130

One of the reasons i attended the show was to see my Buddy Stefan’s Laurel C30 on it’s first drive since 27 years. absolutely stunning, but i will leave you with this teaser and come up with a full post about it soon. Brilliant Work 🙂P1170137

Now this one was cool. A prelude convertible. As you might know these never were sold like this. According to the owner a german company used to modify them like this but it wasn’t a huge success since the body got a bit weak after chopping off the roof and tended to flex a bit. Didn’t know about these and really cool to see a survivor!P1170142

And speaking of preludes. BB1 ‘ludes have become rare too lately.

Another AE86. Can’t get enough of them 🙂P1170143

the MX-5 NA is now becoming a young- and even oldtimer officially, so naturally a few showed up.P1170144

The one to the left had some really tasty mods:

The nissan Primera P11 is another one of those cars that were quite cool but somehow never became a huge success…

I’d like to thank the organizers around Heiko for the effort they put into this event. it’s admission free and only powered by sponsors and unpaid manhours, so i know it’s alot of work behind it and i’d like to thank them for the work they put together for all the enthusiasts every year!P1170153

Speaking of Heiko, his 240Z is a favourite of mine, looking absolutely fresh next to Jerome’s 510.P1170154

Here is Jereome’s daily Datsun – another cool car at the Show 🙂P1170156

Im Sorry for all the guys i missed to photograph. I was so busy talking to all the nice people and old friends i met there, i somehow forgot the show was about cars in between 🙂
Thanks for all the nice talks and laughs with all the cool people we met and see you in 2017!


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