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240Z / FRIENDS: a visit to Speed-Industries & new FS5W71C Transmission

Yesterday after Work i hopped into my car and after i spent some time in the Traffic jam i finally found the Speed-Industries Workshop. Speed industries is a Car-lovers allround business. Tobi and his crew import Cars and parts from Japan and install the parts, organize drift and trackdays in and around switzerland and they do some drift-shows as well. Their workshop is full of goodness, like this AE86 Corolla Levin Hatchback:
P1170055 - Kopie

The only Non-japanese steel at their shop was this BMW. I’m not sure but i guess it’s used for some drifting 🙂P1170056 - Kopie

Keen-eyed readers can see Tw S13’s in this picture. one of them also known as the 180SX in other countries:P1170057 - Kopie

And i can’t get any more JDM than an R32 Skyline and a JZA80 Supra under the wraps. As i understoud these are customer cars waiting for some maintenance and updates:P1170058 - Kopie P1170059 - Kopie

At the bottom of t he picture there’s a secret upcoming project which i wasn’t allow to show you yet 🙂P1170060 - Kopie

But what did i do there? First of all it was a long time since i met the Owner Tobias, so it was nice to say hello. First time we met was at the RHD owners meeting i organized many years ago 😀 But the real reason was because they had a S14 (200SX) FS5W71C Transmission for a good deal on sale which i bought for my 240Z Project 🙂P1170061 - Kopie

Now last post i wrote about i want to keep my original FS5C71A transmission. Why this now? Well i just bought because it was a good deal and these trannies are not too easy to find these days. So i have it as a Spare-option. If the original transmission is beyond repair i’ll use this one (a post about the swap in theory will follow soon). If i can reuse / Repair the original one i already have a friend interrested in this one so after all it was a good backup-opportunity for me which i just couldn’t miss. Thanks Tobias for your hospitality!P1170062 - Kopie


    • JDMjunkies.ch

      The swiss scene is quite small but still there is a lot of friction going on for whatever reason. Therefore i always appreciate to meet nice like-minded people who are friendly and not afraid of other people doing cool stuff 🙂

  • Erik

    Hey Nils!
    Do you intend to use your FS5C71A bell housing with this gearbox? I saw swaps in the US but they only list the FS5W71B bell housing as a fit. I believe I sit on two FS5C71B gearboxes and would like to use the bell housing from one of them to do this swap, but found no direct posts confirming it. I also struggled to find the FS5C71B service manual with dimensions to compare.

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      I already sold this transmission again and won’t use it. just had it as a backup in case if the original one was shot. but since it was still good (currently restoring it) wi will keep my original “A-type” transmission as it was with the car since it’s quite good in ratio, weight etc..

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Oh and i forgot. unfortunately i only have the A-type service manual and it’s not readlly useful. but the original FSM has some information too and the usual datsun restoration books.

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