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240Z: Transmissions, swaps and decision

Yeah this Transmission thing took me a while to figure out. It turns out again there have been plenty of different transmissions and even more possible swaps. But let’s start with this: Why do People swap Transmissions? There are three main reasons:
– American guys running lame US-Spec 4-speed Manual or Auto transmissions
– People doing High-power engine swaps where the OEM 5-speed is too weak
– No Spareparts available for the original EU / JPN / AUS Spec 5-Speed
P1080531 - Kopie

Since the FS5C71A seems to be one of the most desireable original early gearboxes of the Z-Chassis (Porsche style “competition” steel synchros, 5-speed and all…) i would like to keep it if possible. But i’ll talk about possible swaps and “upgrades” in the next post…

First a few Facts about the early european / Japan spec 5-speed:
– The FS5C71A was carried over from the Datsun Roadster, but with changed bellhousing, gearing and rear end so it doesn’t really have too much in common except the Name.
– The FS5C71A in the Z was used up to late 1971 at least in the USA, but maybe a bit later on EU-cars since i have two early 1972 cars which still came with that box.
– It was sold in the USA As a “competition parts” Option but was standard in most other markets.
– There were different gearing Options available through Nissan Japan, Datsun (competition) USA etc…
– According to some swiss People the original gearbox is nice for 270hp street use.

So what’s my desicion?
I’d like to keep my original FS5C71A Gearbox, It’s the easiest and cheapest Option, will not ruin the car’s value (keeping it “original) and so on.
But what if the gears and synchros are worn out? www.swmotorsport.com.au carry some spareparts but not all of them are available. So my desicion is to open up the original gearbox and have a look. if everything is still nice or fixable i’ll do exactly that and keep it. If not i will go for a swap with someething more modern, but still close to the family. you’ll see 🙂

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