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240Z: Visit at the Bodyshop

Last friday i spent a visit at the Bodyshop. Mainly to bring him the Passenger side door so he could check fitment after he’s done with welding in that area (some parts may have moved a bit and need adjustment). I also asked  him to close the original door mirror holes in the door as i will switch to the JDM Fender mirrors 😉 And i had to bring  him some cash as well 🙂
P1160877 - Kopie

And then i have some good and bad news. The good news is that work in the front right (passenger) sode is almost completed and the work looks fabulous. To the untrained eye it may look a bit patchy but after everything is primered and has the same colour it’s almost factory-work – maybe even better since factory welding from datsun was really crappy in some areas 😛
P1160879 - Kopie

P1160880 - Kopie

Now the bad news. Specially in the passenger area behind the seat there has been copious amount of cheap patchwork repairs and way more rust underneath every panel which was removed, than initially expected. So well – yeah. the whole thing will be a bit more expensive and take maybe another two years at the bodyshop until completed.. but i’m still happy with the fact i will save one of these fairladies… P1160875 - Kopie P1160876 - Kopie

Inner wheel well has been removed and he’s currently fitting the new one from tabco..   P1160882 - Kopie

Also the old sparewheel well has been cut out and the new one placed inside just to save some space. hasn’t been welded yet…P1160884 - Kopie

The car looks a bit like a swiss cheese currently 🙂P1160885 - Kopie

Here’s a good example. I wouldn’t have noticed but as the bodyshop explained and showed me the patchwork under the gas filler thingy i understoud where there has been cheap repairs in the past. so this one has to go out as well and fixed nicely… many small bits which will take up a lot of work at the end…P1160887 - Kopie

Anyhow, looking forward for updates. And while i was there i also ahd a look at this almost finnished (has been in the works there for a while now as well!), Toyota KE70 Corolla “Kessler Sport spezial”. This was a swiss homologation special as far as i understoud (wasn’t able to find anything about it on the web..) in all it’s early 80ies boxyness. Love it and i’m pretty sure this will be a rare gem once completed!P1160873 - Kopie

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