OTHERS: R-Performance and Beat’s Auto collection Visit

Today after work i dropped off my damaged and old Z-Wing at a Company called R-Performance. I know the owner, Marco since the old Honda-days and he’s a true expert when it comes to Glass-, carbon- or Kevlar fibers so i thought he’s the man to repair my wing 🙂 I’ll write a post about the wing repair when it’s finished, but i just wanted to show you his place 😀 They’re normally Specialized in building hardcore Time-attack or hillclimb-honda’s (the picture shows an old test-mule): P1160864 - Kopie

But they do all kind of FRP work like repairing Exotic car’s bodies as seen here:P1160865 - Kopie

And surprisingly i also found this Toyota AW11 MR-2 in all it’s 80ies boxiness 🙂P1160867 - Kopie

While chatting to him he was preparing Works-racing body-upgrade on a Ford Capri for a customar while the guy to the right in the picture was working on a Honda Civic EE project 🙂
DSC_0026 - Kopie

After that i drove around eastern switzerland a bit to visit a guy called Beat, which contacted me through my blog a while ago. I was expecting a younger guy with a Z in some shed in the backyard. What i definitly did NOT expect was that he owned a big company and one big (and as i understoud ther was a second one as well and the pictures show only one side of one of them) Hall full of rare oldtimers!DSC_0030 - Kopie

He owned one beautifully concours-worthy restored 240Z to the left and an all-original unrestored Swiss edition 260Z to the right. Even if he owned several expensive classics i understoud he had a big spot for all Z’s and owned several in his life 🙂 He also told me he was one of the bidders for the Z432 that recently went on auction for big money in the US.. you know which one i’m talking about 🙂DSC_0029 - Kopie

It’s very nice to meet people in the swiss community who know the real value of these cars and i thank you much for sharing your time, knowledge and opinions with me. Hope to meet again in summer 🙂DSC_0030 - Kopie

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