FRIENDS: The Swiss JDM Front-End Integra DC2

Swapping out the Dual-circular headlights from the EU-spec DC2 Honda Integra to the JDM-front end is quite common in USA and other parts of the world. But due to regulations in switzerland not many people have done it so far. Alltough i’ve seen a genuine JDM DC2 in switzerland before, i’ve never seen one with a swapped front end.

If i had the time and money for another project, this would be very high on my bucket list. Some time ago a buddy i know from my old Honda-days contacted me and sent me a few pics of his 1999 Integra with exactly that front-end swap.:D

The car is not completed yet and still runs the 96 model year headlights in the photos, which have meanwhile been swapped to the facelifted version. Anyhow this car is fully street legal in switzerland which is something that makes me very happy and proves that if you want something really hard, then everything is possble. Just takes you some time and cash, but mainly the balls to just do it – Great job 🙂

Just got in an update with the later-spec headlights. Thanks for the pictures, buddy. Your car looks amazing 🙂

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  1. Luca says:

    Hello, I also own a Honda Integra and would like to make the front end conversion, but I heard that there are some problems with the headlights (to make the jdm model street legal here in Switzerland)… is it possible to have the contact of the owner of this converted Itr so I can ask how to proceed?

    • Hi Luca,

      I don’t remember who it was. but he was a member of – i guess you can find some informations there too. Also i guess the Bundesamt für Metreologie (METAS) can help you with lighting. as they’re in charge of measure the lights. Hope this helps.

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