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EVENT: Japaner young- und Oldtimertreffen, Bleienbach 2015

Yesterday i went to the annual Japaner young- and Oldtimermeeting in Bleienbach, Bern (Switzerland) which this year was held on a little airport. Beautiful weather and nice people made it for a perfect day. This is the event every Japan-classic … Continue reading

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ATENZA: Welcome Home new Mazda 6 Atenza / My EJ9 on google streetview

After a few weeks of endless waiting, finally my new 2015 Mazda 6 aka Atenza GJ Was ready for pickup today. Here it is – brand new of the showroom floor 🙂 After many years of researching and studying im … Continue reading

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240Z: TABCO repair panel delivery (rear quarters & inner wheel wells)

Not a big update, but an important one: Today i got a FedEx delivery from USA, bringing  me a nice set of Tabco Repair panels: I decided to buy them directly at Tabco because they’re the main manfucturer of these. … Continue reading

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EJ9: HondaHolics EK/EJ-Shooting from 2007

Well yeah, as my new Daily car will arrive soon my old daily beater will leave me soon as well. So i dug through some old archives and found these pictures from 2007, which Hondaholics member “Impurttuner” made back then. … Continue reading

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240Z: Cusco testfitting, Hood, Doors and Fenders disassembled

While waiting at the garage for a guy to come and pick up one of my spare-engines and a transmission i decided to get some work done. Unfortunately the guy never showed up so  i had plenty of time to … Continue reading

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240Z: Roofcut stripped, Datsun Competition steering knuckles, Cusco strut tower bar

Well yeah, had some big plans this week for the Z, but unfortunately a Flu hit me and i’m lying with a cold and fever in the bed fourth day in a row. However i got so bored of laying … Continue reading

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Wallpaper: EK9 at Siblinger Höhe

Finally i managed to complete my photoshop work on a new Wallpaper. This picture was taken about a week ago at an early sundwon at a local hill called “Siblinger höhe”. I just went for a ride and had my … Continue reading

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240Z: Big update, mudflaps arrived, Intake manifold research, Trunks disassembled

Sorry for the lack of updates lately on the 240Z project, it’s not like i’ve been not doing any thing, just was enjoying my EK9 in the nice weather, and had a lot of other stoff going on. My bodyshop … Continue reading

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