• 240Z: Treasurehunt for Bolts and fasteners Part III, News from the bodyshop

    Jepp, progress is currently a bit slow because i’m still working on a lot of research stuff and the weather is cold and snowy over here (and you know my garage is unheated). However got some small stuff done again: Ordered a big bunch of OEM Nissan Nuts, Bolts, washers and springs for the rear subframe assembly. Still a few missing they will be delivered delayed. Also finally got a little update from Yves over at MUC. He’s currently preparing for exchanging the Genuine frame-rails i brouth him a few weeks ago (See below):

  • OTHER: Corolla E30 Sedan for sale

    jesterday i came across this beautiful E30 corolla. if you follow my blog you know i’ve seen it before already. but it’s such a beautiful car i thought it deserved a little spotlight. it seems to be for sale also.. 😀 should be a great project. The body needs some love and especially the paint But otherwise it looks complete and seems to run. The interieur looks mint and has a manual transmission! I specially like the colour-combo and the optional Toyota sport wheels (TRD?) Best of all it was standing next to a BA Prelude which also looked to be in great shape and also for sale! I wish…

  • 240Z: The treasurehunt for bolts and fasteners, pt. 2

    Progress has been a bit slow lately with me being busy with christmas-stuff and working and yves, the bodyshop guy being stuck in other small customers works. However i’m working hard on finding a solution (aka a useful shop) for galvanizing my bolts and it seems i just found one. And somehow i found the time to order a few more bolts, nuts, springs, fasteners and other stuff for the project. This time the fasteners are for the engine- and transmissionmounts. Great stuff. Now will make a next big order for the rear subframe bolts. we be slightly bigger 🙂