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FRIENDS: Revolution Japan delivery for Patrick’s RX-8

Normally i don’t do Imports anymore for people other then me or old friends, but when i was paying shipment for my brakes anyway and got a request from a friends friend, which i also know, i thought why not share the costs and get him the parts?
P1150530 - Kopie

Patrick owns an RX-8 which is currently undergoing some drivetrain upgrades for the occasional trackday. After a few emails back and forth whe came to the conclusion that the parts he was looking for are a nice baffled oil pan and a big capacity Differential cover with additional connectors for optional Oil cooling, beeing capable to handle the extra heat of his already acquired new final drive. We decided to go for the renown Japanese Rotary Specialist Revolution which is well known amongst Wankel heads 🙂
P1150533 - Kopie

As we don’t see these kind of parts too often over here (probably they’re the only of their kind in switzerland, who knows..) i thought i share the pictures with you 🙂P1150534 - Kopie

I love custom-cast Aluminum Parts 🙂P1150536 - Kopie

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