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240Z: The super rare Sumitomo MK63 ex works brake delivery :)

Yeah i know – the pace is quite slow lately, but im still working on the project silently in the background. But today is the day i have som GREAT news for you. I got a Package delivered from Japan with some parts i’ve been looking for over two years now until i recently stumbled across them finally 🙂
P1150541 - Kopie

I’m talking about the Sumitomo MK63 brakes. But what’s so rare about them you might ask? they pop up every now and then on the internet. But this is not your standard MK63 for vented disk, but the very rare first gen. version for OEM Nissan disks, which are FIA homologated and were used in various ex works racing cars. I’ve even been told that nissan asked them back after the races from their teams.. wow 🙂
P1150543 - Kopie

Here’s a comparison between the standard brake (Also sumitomo manufactured) and the MK63:
P1150544 - Kopie

I plan to restore / rebuild the new brakes before they go in.

P1150545 - Kopie

EDIT: Someone asked for the weights difference between the OEM and the MK63 caliper so i put them on the scale for him and was quite surprised the MK63 is even lighter than the chunky two-pot calipers 🙂
MK63 Solid disk type including brake-pads: 4.300 Kgs
Standard two pot calipers including brake-pads: 4.445 KgsP1150546 - Kopie

And here’s some specs from the NISMO homepage and the old Datsun performance catalogue:
DatsunCompetitionPartsCatalog-13 - Kopie

Later NISMO offered the same brakes under their brand but they’re obsolete since a few years..img_mk63caliper_en - Kopie

Oh and while ordering parts from japan anyway i decided to order all available maintenance and refurbishing parts for the brakes from the NISMO / Nissan catalogue and got them delivered from a local Nissan dealership from Yokohama 🙂P1150538 - Kopie


  • Gavin D

    Hey Nils,

    Can you tell me what the weight difference between the MK63 calipers and the standard 2 pot calipers? A popular conversion is usually the Toyota Hilux 4 pot calipers but I’ve had a pair and they are very very heavy. I’m wonder how heavy these are in relation to stock calipers on a 240z? If you have a way of measuring the weight differences I’d really appreciate it.

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Gavin. Sure i can 🙂 I just put both of them on a very accurate Envelope-scale and i got surprising result. THe MK63 is even lighter than the standard two pot 🙂
      So weights are:
      MK63 Solid disk type including brake-pads: 4.300 Kgs
      Standard two pot OEM including brake-pads: 4.445 Kgs
      You can see in the picture that the MK63 design is quite slim compared to the Chunky two-pot caliper design 🙂
      hope that helps. 🙂

      • Gavin D

        Thanks Nils,
        That helps a lot, I am surprised they are even lighter than the standard 2 pot calipers but that is great news.

        The Toyota 4 pot calipers are very heavy. So would be a step backwards in my opinion.

        • JDMjunkies.ch

          You’re welcome mate, didn’t expect the Hilux calipers to be heavier. i thought they’re the same MK63 design just with different fittings and maybe mounting points. good to know i made the right decision 🙂

  • Craig

    Hi ,

    I have recently acquired a pair of the mk63s and just wondering if you know the part number of the shims that go behind the brake pads.

    I have ordered new pistons and seals from Japan but couldn’t get the shims and was informed they were NLA.
    I tried these part numbers:
    41079-68200 early type (inner and outer are the same)
    41084-F2000 and 41085-F2000 (inner and outer)
    and then
    41084-F2001 and 41085-F2001
    but all were NLA

    any insight would be fantastic !

    Thank you

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      You’re welcome.
      Ah, then i’m sorry and don’t know any supplier. However you might want to check some japanese 240Z speciality Shops. they sell rebuilt MK63’s or now even replicas. maybe they have some parts?
      Thanks for the Info. I didn’t know it was still available. have to order it too, i guess 🙂

  • Jonny Thomsen

    I have two Mk63 for vented disc. Thinking of selling them. What’s the price of these rare pieces today?
    They are used and some brackets (probably for 160jsss) are included.
    The came of a en ex works rally car here in Sweden.

    Jonny Thomsen

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hij Jonny,
      I speak swedish as well and i’m there often :). any more information on the sunny ex works rally car? Seems pretty rare and a cool find man 🙂
      To be honest i don’t think they’re worth a fortune but still a bit 😀 you might check yahoo auction japan for the prices to compare. every now and then some pop up for sale.
      Unfortunately for the vented version it seems like japanese companies (Kameari and others) have started to create and sell replicas now. so the prices might have dropped slightly.
      Disks and pads are still available new from several aftermarket companies like Endless or project u.
      However i think it’s still worth a bit and the best indicator might be yahoo auctions. or check out “Datsun parts and needs” group on facebook.. Especially in historic racing your
      Brakes might be worth quite a bit. But also note that there are different versions of vented MK63 and they don’t fit all on every car.. so it might be for a special car in your case?

      hope this helps
      – Nils

      • Jonny Thomsen

        Thank’s for the info.
        Unfortunately I don’t have any info regarding the works rally car. I bought the clipers back in 1991!!

        Best Regards,
        Jonny Thomsen

  • Dennis


    just found out about your website 😉
    I`m wondering what else they changed when they fitted the MK63 system. So as far as my understanding of the competition catalog goes they changed the rear wheel cylinders from 7/8 to 13/16″. Is that true? So stock master cylinder and proportion valve?

    Do you know anything about that?


    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Dennis,
      thanks for your feedback. I’m working on a huge MK63 post but still missing some data, so may take another few weeks until it’s completed.
      Yes, they changed the rear brake cylinders in some cases as well, but there’s a discussion on classiczcars i think which says that unless you’re into hardcore track racing it doesn’t really make a big difference.
      Another thing is the brake disk cover, behind the disk which has to be modified or removed.
      I think in some cars like the Z432 they also had the brake master cylinders different but have to double check that. will definitely be in my blogpost about these brakes…
      Other than that i guess it was the same. should be really a bolt-on modification.
      Still waiting for some manuals from JP to confirm some data. takes a lot of time to put together these posts 🙂

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