Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Front Damage Repair, Steering wheel switches upgrade

While my Company sent me working overseas in Shanghai and Changzhou (China) Last week i wasn’t able to work on my cars. But my Garage was and i had some work for my Mazda Dealer 🙂
Unfortunately a car hit me on the parking lot so first i had them repair my front bumper. Lucky me they replaced the complete bumper by a new factory painted one 🙂
P1150506 - Kopie

But the more important reason was the steering wheel. This is how it looked before…P1150509 - Kopie

And this after 🙂 See the difference? Yeah it’s the fake “brushed metal” Trim surrounding the switches. One of the reasons to go with the facelifted car was the steering wheel. it looked much better than the old one and had these metal trims on the switches in the catalogue. But when i got the car – no metal trims. I asked my dealer why and after some duscussion with mazda Switzerland they figured out these come only with the top end “Revolution” Trim, while i have the medium trim. But this was not mentioned in the catalogue.P1150518 - Kopie

I thought like – yeah, no problem it’s only a plastic piece – right. I’ll spend 20 Bucks and replace them by myself. I was wrong. You can only have the switching unit as one piece and this actually costs 250.- CHF – per side!! So after my dealer spent months of discussing with Mazda they finally agreed it was their fault and they paid my Dealer to upgrade the switches to the revolution trim for free. Great for me. It’s all about the details 🙂P1150520 - Kopie

Oh and asked the Dealer about the optional Eibach lowering springs. They seem to be what i’m looking for. Quality brand and cheap as hell. I’d prefer some JDM Coilovers but i don’t want to spend 3 grand for a suspension on a daily wagon so probably i go for this option.  have to think about it, but im growing on the idea. Also the H&R springs in my old daily ride were quite a good thing!

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