FRIENDS: Various swiss skylines & Datsuns (Edited)

EDIT: In Accordance with the owner of the Hako pics i removed them from my blog and FB page. However if the original owner of t he swiss HAKO likes to get in touch with us, feel free to contact us at any time 🙂

First a Genuine Hakosuka C10 Coupe which was recently imported from Hiroshima, what the reader told me. Not sure if it’s a genuine GT-R Or not (I don’t think so, regarding the prices an S20 equipped car costs these days, even in japan!), but still a beauty! However i think it will take some time until the car is registered and on the road. Anyhow great car!

The reader told me the very same Owner of the Hako also owns this 180B Bluebird coupe, which seems to be a legit swiss LHD Car, or at least an european spec model. If you’re the owner of these cars, please feel free to contact me and let me know 🙂12235370_1520182441630684_1284751957_o - Kopie

12235452_1520181188297476_79125222_o - Kopie

And while in the topic of classic datsuns and skylines: Stev sent me an Update of his garage with Geniune classic skyline grilles he collected recently in varous places. Barn Find stuff 🙂
12193328_10207765961097329_4318797229403149724_n - Kopie

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  1. stev says:

    would be a pleasure to meet the hako owner.hope somebody knows him!

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