240Z Project

240Z: Mirrors final assembly and recap

After i’ve done the Kakimoto valve cover a while a go and started several things i’m happy to announce i finally completed another (well at least a small) part of the car. The JDM 240Z fender mirrors. This was quite a story. Because it’s quite difficult to find the obsolete long-base mirrors, while the short base Datsun 510 mirrors still are available in new condition. Well i wanted to have it authentic so i went the extra mile for a detail most people probably even wouldn’t notice 🙂
Started with a set of crappy long base mirrors i found on ebay a while ago. But sadly a lot of parts where missing and the mounts in the bottom where all rusted away…
P1050669 - Kopie

So i bought a set of new 510 short base mirrors for spareparts.
P1050951 - Kopie

then stripped the paint of the old long-bases
P1090902 - Kopie

Disassembled and Test-fitted everything and had it painted at the paintshop in the original charcoal black.
P1060720 - Kopie

P1060066 - Kopie

Special thanks goes out to my Fellow datsun enthusiast Stefan who once again showed incredible support with his magic metal skills and was able to move the base mounts from the new 510 mirrors to the old long base version. Perfect work once again.
P1150406 - Kopie

So finally i was able to assemble the mirrors back to what is now a completed genuine set of long-base JDM Fairlady 240Z Mirrors.
P1150408 - Kopie

P1150410 - KopieP1150412 - KopieP1150415 - Kopie

Couldn’t be happier. One less point on the 2do-list to care about 🙂 More soon… 🙂

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