MEET: Toyota Old- und Yountimertreffen 2015

Due to my crazy work schedule at the moment i don’t have time to work on my cars so therefore the lack of updates. Hower Rene from was kind enough to let me share his pictures from the toyota old and youngtimer meeting in Auswil (Switzerland), which was organized by i think.
I’ll let t he pictures speak for themselfes. seems like it was a neat little gathering 🙂
Thanks rene for letting me steal your photos 😉
18199489204_1705f69d41_o - Kopie 18201182883_1de5f5eed7_o - Kopie 18201200603_5650d8dacb_o - Kopie 18201418593_fd5f4797c8_o - Kopie 18633979870_45cfd59184_o - Kopie  18634016000_ff6f6e7e05_o - Kopie 18634205158_32e9753f92_o - Kopie 18635654599_15e1f24753_o - Kopie 18635740479_bb26a38a6c_o - Kopie 18635930219_a6d6275545_o - Kopie 18795776886_92862551fc_o - Kopie 18816661542_321089a114_o - Kopie 18816858652_bca460a06c_o - Kopie  18824308621_d8cfe394da_o - Kopie 18824311041_94676b1426_o - Kopie 18824336331_4171423a3b_o - Kopie 18824631361_0083568a7a_o - Kopie 18824673121_936ae9927e_o - Kopie

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