SOLD: Yokohama ADVAN Center caps (Silver high type)

Update: Center caps have just been sold 🙂

Hey guys, selling my genuine Yokohama wheel ADVAN racing center caps, that came with my Advan RG wheels but i replaced them with the smaller type because it fit’s the car better.
50.- USD for 4 Pieces. Used but absolutely mint condition!
Shipping depending on your location, let me know if you’re interrested and i’ll make you a good offer including shipping.
Advan center cap type “Z8061”, see here for more details:
P1140124 P1140123

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4 Responses to SOLD: Yokohama ADVAN Center caps (Silver high type)

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi, the Diameter of 73mm is for PCD 114.3/120 wheels Diameter of 73mm is for PCD 114.3/120 wheels still available? Ship to Singapore?

    • Hi there, sorry for my late reply. Yes i can and will ship to singapore if you pay the shipping.
      Still available. contact me through the contact button on this website, so i can reply by email. thanks.
      PCD was 4×114.3 on the wheels they where installed. Diameter is approx 73mm, yes.
      let me know if you’re interrested.
      thanks and kind regards
      – Nils

  2. Eric ang says:

    Hi I’m keen , pls quote me the shipping to Singapore n how should we go bout the payment thanks

    • Hi Eric,
      I’m currently out of Country and cannot check it, but let me make a Quote on friday, hope that’s ok?
      Payment can be done by PayPal. i think that’s the fastest and easyest way for international payments. what do you think?
      – Nils

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