ATENZA: Welcome Home new Mazda 6 Atenza / My EJ9 on google streetview

After a few weeks of endless waiting, finally my new 2015 Mazda 6 aka Atenza GJ Was ready for pickup today. Here it is – brand new of the showroom floor 🙂
DSC_0832 - Kopie
After many years of researching and studying im happy to finally have a new daily car. I’m happy with my choice and love the car so far. hope it lasts 😀
DSC_0833 - Kopie

DSC_0834 - Kopie

At the same time i sadly had to leave my old EJ9 daily at the dealer. Bought it 12 years ago as my first car for 5500.- CHF and totalled it two times in the meantime. still got 200 Bucks for the car today so i’m happy 🙂 Today a major update for switzerland was uploaded on google streetview and i remember crossing the google car a few weeks ago so i checked them and – haha. This is my driving my Old EJ9 on the streets. funny. However these will be the last photo’s of my EJ9 because i don’t own it anymore 😀

Bye-bye trusty Honda. You’ve been a great and cheap car during the last 12 years. We had a lot of fun together… Even if i treated you bad sometimes you’ve always made the Honda brand proud of being a super reliable, economic and reasonable car. I think after twelve years ownership it’s ok to get it replaced 😀

More on the Atenza soon, already got a package on the way here from japan 🙂

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