EK9: Front gp-sports tow straps installed

Well finally i found some time to install the front tow strap. Took me a few hours of work but i’m happy with the result:
1) Off with the front bumper:
P1140164 - Kopie

P1140165 - Kopie

2) Test-fitting with some duct-tape (always handy :D). BTW: You can see the SS-racing radiator shroud kit behind the front bar if you look closely 😀
P1140167 - Kopie

3) cut the Tow-strap base (way too long):
P1140169 - Kopie

4) Some rust-prevention and surface-finish is important as well:
P1140170 - Kopie

5) First bolt is in:
P1140171 - Kopie

6) And finally: Everything back together:
P1140172 - Kopie

Weather was supernice so i decided to make a test-run directly:
P1140177 - Kopie

Also decided to take some photos out in the beautiful green nature with a nice spring sundown. Expect a wallpaper coming soon (need some time to get the details photoshopped, *lol*)
P1140194 - Kopie

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