240Z: Refurbished Steering colum bearings, Pics from the Paintshop and Starroad Picture finally at the wall :)

I knew my Parts will be back from the paintshop and powdercoating company soon so i wanted to make sure as much as possible is ready for assembly when the parts are here.
So ever since i read about it on the internet. something i wanted to do is clean and refurbish the steering colum bearings..
Before (everything nasty and filled with old, dirty grease):
P1140029 - Kopie

Here i have one of them pulled apart and cleaned all the balls (30 total) and shells and the securing ring. I have a total of 4 bearings because two from each Steering colum from each car, in case you’re wondering. P1140033 - Kopie

I reworked all four of them because that gave me the opportunity to choose the best two at the end (to the right on this picture), rather than replacing the Bearing balls with some generic bearing balls as some others have done before..:
P1140035 - Kopie

While i was at work in my basement i decided to finally hang my 1/50 limited Starroad picture with the Inoue-san (from starroad) handsign on the wall as a bit of motivation and inspiration:P1140028 - Kopie

And then my friend Nadya at the Industrial paintshop sent me this photo of my steering colum parts drying and told me i can pick them up on friday again. Seems like i have some work for the weekend 🙂
IMG-20150318-WA0000 - Kopie

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