240Z Project

240Z: Steering rack assembly Part 2

Since i got the Zinc plated parts back i’m trying to push the assembly of parts. Just because it’s so much fun to finally see the puzzle-pieces come together to bigger pieces 😀
Started with the installation of the lately returned Zinc plated bolt and lock-nut:
P1130950 - Kopie

Then felt like it makes sense to clean a lot of small bits before putting it together. I mean wile i’m at it.. Dentist tools…
P1130951 - Kopie

And and old toothbrush came in handy and worked fine:
P1130953 - Kopie

The result. Well i even cleaned them another 30minutes more after this picture:
P1130954 - Kopie

Then started with the installation of the rest of the parts. like the steering boot clamp / Dust ring and the tierod-link stop nut:
P1130957 - Kopie

So next step will be the installation of the NAMS / Nagisa Auto Motor sports (Japan) adjustable Tierod endlinks (now discontinued :D) and the steering rack boots.
P1130959 - Kopie

Takes a lot of time to figure out how all belongs together and to clean all the small bits. but honestly it’s so much fun 😀

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