240Z Project

240Z: Parts back from Zink Plating, New Rocker panels welded in, Fuel cap assembled

Today i have some nice news: Got back my first load of parts from the Zinc plating and yellow-passivating (which makes it look “golden” and also secures it better from corroding:
P1130941 - Kopie

Honestly this was my first attemt ever in doing something like this. so not all parts ended up perfect as i hoped, but however most of them are usable and some of them were for trying anyway only because anything up t 39 kilograms was the same price so i put whatever part i wanted to have replated into the box anyway. Here’s a closer look at the colour:
P1130944 - Kopie

So while i was looking at all the nice parts i got a bit motivated and decided to complete at least the fuel cap πŸ™‚ So i started with cleaning the still nice and soft rubber seal and adding a bit of Vasiline (Petroleum lube / Jelly) Just to make it last a bit longer.P1130945 - Kopie

After done i put it back to the capP1130946 - Kopie

And installed all back together. Yay – first part complete πŸ™‚
P1130947 - Kopie

But not only me was productive today, also Yves over at MUC is working hard at the moment and welded back some hand-crafted rocker panels: Still needs a few touches but it looks brilliant compared to what it looked before πŸ™‚ Β Β Β  IMG-20150225-WA0000 - Kopie

Here’s another view:IMG-20150225-WA0001 - Kopie

With the zinc-plating delivery today i got a lot of parts back which i was waiting for to complete the steering rack assembly and the Front subframe parts. So Expect to see a lot of these parts assembled soon πŸ™‚


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