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240Z: Steering rack assembly part 1, News from the Bodyshops and more fasteners and stuff

It seems like every post i write starts with a “finally”. So this one is no different: Finally some Assembly work started. After many years of taking parts apart and cleaning them, finding replacement and doing research – i started the assembly of the Steering rack-and-pinion system. This is how it started (Note the new workdesk light i installed also :D)
P1130770 - Kopie

I highly recommand using these Surface cleaning pads (pot cleaners) for removing old dried-out grease, slight s urface rust and dirt. Works brilliantly and is super cheap and easy to get 🙂
P1130771 - Kopie

Also love my  new multi-purpose grease pump 🙂
P1130772 - Kopie

It’s so much fun cleaning all the little bits like the grease seal seen here:
P1130775 - Kopie

P1130773 - Kopie

Looks like i didn’t do a lot but after two hours of cleaning surfaces, degreasing, re-greasing a lot of bits and puzzling it all together i ended up  like this 🙂  Still need to get a few parts zinc-plated before i can complete the assembly but at least i have something like an almost-finished steering rack 🙂
P1130776 - Kopie

Then bought a simple spring-scale from an online auction so i can make sure to have all the parts within specifications as mentioned in the service manual. No the most high-tech thing but it was cheap and wil do the work for me 😉
P1130778 - Kopie

Also got a little delivery with some Nissan OEM Fasteners that were on back-order. Now have most of the parts ready for a full subframe re-assembly with all new OEM bolts. still need to get a few replated but most of the parts are ready. this will be fun 🙂P1130777 - Kopie

Also got some updates from the bodyshop. He’s currently working on the Framerails, battery-tray area and the passenger-side firewall. I’ll let the pictures speak. please note that most of the work is not completed yet, so it might look a bit like a hackjob – but you have to wait until it’s done 🙂
IMG-20150127-WA0001 - Kopie IMG-20150127-WA0003 - Kopie
IMG-20150127-WA0013 - Kopie IMG-20150127-WA0012 - Kopie  IMG-20150126-WA0001 - Kopie IMG-20150126-WA0002 - Kopie IMG-20150127-WA0000 - Kopie

That’s it for now. hope go get the parts ready for zinc-plating soon because this will give me all t he missing fasteners i need to move forward with the subframe assembly…

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