EJ9: AC-Autotechnic Meter cover and Racing glow gauges removed

My mind has changed a lot since i started tuning my cars and as i want to buy another daily car soon i wanted to remove and sell a few parts since a while. A few days ago the Dash racing glow gauges went dark so i decided it’s time to remove a few meter modifications:
P1100212 - Kopie

complete gauge unit out:P1100216 - Kopie

Disassembling:P1100221 - Kopie

P1100222 - Kopie

Good thing is i keep all packaging stuff, so i will put the now discontinued but somehow cool AC-Autotechnic Gauge cover kit for sale complete with original manuals and packaging for sale soon:P1100227 - Kopie

Putting the original Light-bulbs back in:P1100230 - Kopie

And installed back in. The transparent plastic cover is missing because i broke it a while a go when i moved it around and there are holes from the AC-Autotechnic cover installed. but who cares, the car is crap and will be sold soon (hopefully) anyway and most important thing is to have a illuminated gauges for me when driving to work in dark. So im happy with the result 😀 And please note i made all these mods maybe 12 years ago when this stuff was kind of cool.  now i would never install this kind of stuff again 🙂P1100233 - Kopie

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