240Z: Headlight curiosity H4 Conversion – Need help!

Thanks to this great thread on JNC i thought a H4 conversion for my 240Z headlight would be something useful. But as a real JDMjunky i was looking for a Japanese version istead of the german Hella headlights and therefore i measured my headlights and they’re 180mm (7 inch). But when measuring i figured out one of my cars already had a Hella H4 conversion:
P1090971 - Kopie

but they’re slightly rusted and aged and some oldschool design, so i still want to replace them. Now what i’m curious is the Hella’s have a small positioning bulb:P1090974 - Kopie

The other car also had some H4 conversion by an unknown manufacturer, but it seems without positioning bulb:P1090977 - Kopie

I found some replacement H4 headlights by IPF japan. Available both with and without positioning lamp. LHD and RHD design also available 🙂
headLamp_b - Kopie

Now can anyone tell me what Kind of headlights the original z’s came with? H4 or closed oldschool design? With or without positioning light? Thanks for your help!!

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  1. marcel says:

    They came all with H4. The “closed design” (silend beam) was not allowed in Switzerland. The reason was, they neded to be asymetric .About the posistioning light I can check (as you know my z was 25 years in a Garage) and the lights are all the original ones without any conversion.

    • Thanks for the information, mate! That sounds great, would be nice if you could check that!! Always good to get some history lessons. Specially about swiss regulations, which always seem to be different than the rest of the world 🙂 Big thanks 🙂

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