EK9 Project

EK9: Radio block off plate installed / battery switch in and out

Decided to get some work done on the EK9 before i put her into winter sleep but actually i wasn’t able to get it all done. anyway, here’s wat i did so far:

1) I wasn’t able to listen to the JDM radio due to different frequency bands and due to the noise of my exhaust πŸ˜€ so i removed the antenna a while ago and no it was time for the radio to go out. before:P1090934 - Kopie

Unfortunately you need to remove the entire lower dash area to get the damn OEM radio out. took me about an hour to get it all sorted out:P1090938 - Kopie

but finally out it was:P1090939 - Kopie

and back in with the OEM (fake-carbon-look) radio block off plate.P1090942 - Kopie

love the result. looks so “racy” and much cleaner without that champagne-coloured radio inside the cockpit πŸ˜›P1090944 - Kopie

Oh and also installed the battery cutoff switch but somehow it was to high and i wasn’t able to close the hood properly with that installed. so out it went again. so much trouble for nothing πŸ˜›P1090931 - Kopie


  • AndrΓ© Silva

    Hey there, i am a 19 year old guy that is moving to Switzerland on December, life change it there and i will stay in Switzerland, Lausanne by the way.
    I love EK9 and congratulations, amazing car !!!
    I don’t know where do you live but it would be good to me to see your EK9 ( i love it ) and could give me some tips because i am crazy for buying a EP3 Type R in Switzerland.

    My e-mail: dre.silva84@gmail.com – reply to here please

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Thanks for your comment mate. Unfortunately i live at the opposite site of switzerland, near the german border. Anyway im sure we meet at a meeting or track event one day.
      If you need some information about Honda’s in switzerland i recommand you Hondaholics.ch which is switzerland’s biggest Honda community with a big marketplace (cars and parts). otherwise check autoscout24.ch which is where you’ll have the biggest choice of cars πŸ™‚ Hope this helps. Regards
      – Nils

  • Mitja

    Hy can you tell me wher did you buy this radio block off plate i need for my DC2 end everywhere is discaunted.
    Thanks for healp.

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi there, i actually bought it at a honda dealer in japan directly. Shops like RHDjapan might be able to source those parts for you directly at honda japan if still available. Maybe only the EK9 item is still available and DC2 discontinued if it’s not the same item. i’m pretty sure they can help you. also used ones always pop up on ebay and and honda dedicated Forums every now and then πŸ™‚ hope this helps

  • Chin

    Hi, How do you install the block off plate? is it a direct fit and it will lock in place?
    Mine seems to be just hanging thr without securing inplace.

    • JDMjunkies.ch

      Hi Chin. As far as i remember correctly it is clicked in there. i didn’t make any pictures as it ssems, but if i remember correctly it has soom plastik hooks on the backside which fix it in there. in my case it’s pretty solid and stable in the console as an OEM piece should.
      Hope this helps.

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