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SOLD: Toyota Corolla KE30 grille & Mazda RX-2 Grille with Emblems

UPDATE: The Mazda grille is sold, the Corolla grille is still up for sale πŸ˜‰
I Initially bought these grilles at a car parter for decorating my home, but thought i’d sell them to any enthuisiast which needs it for a build.
They’re both in great condition but need some touch up (polishing the chrome pieces, touch-up at the emblems, probably a respray). I Couldn’t see any broken parts but the corolla seems to have some glue at one point but is pretty solid and nice.
350.- CHF (swiss franks) plus shipping (world wide possible, but note it’s probably expensive due to oversized item). If you’re near me you can also come and chech them out.
If you’re interrested send me a Message through the contact form.
P1090731 - Kopie

Toyota Corolla KE30 Front grille: Update: This one has also been sold meanwhile!
P1090732 - Kopie

Mazda RX-2 Front grille complete with “Super Deluxe” and “RE” (Rotary Engine) Emblems:P1090733 - Kopie


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