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Last Saturday my friend Stev organized a visit at a former car recyling Company which now has been sold and the new owner is selling-out a lot of stuff. So naturally we had to visit. I Also met Jerome petitjean of Swiss Zcarracingteam fame with his beautiful Datsun Violet A10 SSS (Datsun 160J). I’ll present you that car in a following post.
The place ws Huge and they had kinda everything for oldtimers in an unbelievable amount:
Doors and hoods for all kind of 70ies and 80ies cars:

Engine anyone? 🙂P1090689


Toyota Corona doors in any factory colour 🙂P1090697

the owner even offered on a weird Humus sausage and chicken wraps for free 🙂P1090700

A Huge room full of leaf springs (!!!)P1090705

or maybe you’re more into steering racks?P1090706

Looking for a Transmission maybe? 🙂P1090708

Or a Driveshaft?

Maybe complete rear axles? 🙂P1090713

Huge amounts auf rare gauges and electronics:P1090714

Shelves full of Alternators and starter engines:P1090715

Classic car grilles:P1090716

This is me with my “shopping cart” 😀 Sadly all the Z-parts have been sold a while ago. but my friends bought a lot of stuff for their rare Datsuns.P1090719

I Couldn’t help myself but buy these two grilles: A nice Toyota Corolla E30 grille and a beautiful Mazda RX-2 Grille complete with RE- and Super-deluxe badge. both in great condition. Will hang them above my bed and put them up for sale if someone is willing to pay a good price 🙂P1090731

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  1. josh thompkins says:

    hi, where is this place?? i have an A10 and need a few parts, i was just wondering if these guys had a web-site or were somewhere inside traveling distance. if you could drop me a line it would be very appreciated!!! THANKS!!!

    • Hi there, the place is in switzerland, but they don’t have any website and are hard to reach because now closed / overtaken by a different company with different interrests. Also it’s far a way from me so i can’t go there and have a look for you unfortunately. I’m sorry for the bad news…

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