EJ9: OEM 15″ EK3 steelies and hubcaps for next winter season :)

After i heavily hitted a stone last winter my winter-rims (which are cheap “Storm titanium” brand and came with the car 10 years ago when i bought it *lol*) had a huge dent which wasn’t repairable so i decided to have a look for a cheap replacement.
And then these OEM EK3 steelies 15 inch including OEM Honda Hubcaps popped up on Hondaholics, so i decided i’ll get them for 50 bucks and that’s exactly what i did. Need new winter tires anyway for next winter season, so perfect to trash the old defective wheels (which cause terrible vibrations above 120 km/h) and ad some OEM flavour istead 😀
P1080360 - Kopie

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