• OTHER: Recap the last few weeks

    BIG SORRY to all my readers for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been very busy getting a lot of stuff done. Some car related and some not. But everything seems to come to an end now so i really feel im getting back to the cars these days. 1) I organised and raced the HondaHolics KartAttack 2012 Go-Kart race, wich was a 1-hour endurance race and quite fun. Our team (JDMRHDOMGWTF :D) ended up in 8th from 10 teams. I’m happy with that. Check all the Pictures here: 2) On friday i unwintered my EK9 and installed one of the New Hondaholics stickers: 3) Because on Friday i met…

  • EJ9: Summer wheels installed

    Well my home is almost done, i promise 🙂 So i’m starting getting hungry for car stuff again and really can’t wait to get back to work on my projects again! Today seemed to be the first time in a while where i wore my Mechanic-overall. But actually only to install the summer wheels on my daily ride. Anyway – something car related for the first time since a few months 🙂