• 240Z: Old 240Z Base + New 510 Housing = New 240Z Mirrors :)

    Can’t be happier! Usually good and simple plans never work as i thought, but this time it worked very well. istead of sourcing some new JDM Fairlady fender mirrors i decided to buy sume used ones, but these were too damaged, so i bought a set of New 510Mirrors which seemed to be actually the same, just with a shorter base-mount. i decided to swap the old 240Z base to the new 510 Mirrors to have some kind of new 240Z mirrors: 1) before – you can see how the 240Z base is longer compared to the 510 (left) 2) Disasembled everything: 3) and interchanged the two base mounts: 5)…

  • 240Z: Wing sanding done & Pins out

    After another 1,5h sanding by hand out in the cold garage finally the wing has no mor old rattle-can paint left πŸ™‚ Also got those old emblem-pins out. Now only need to replace the broken screws then it’s done πŸ™‚

  • 240Z: Watanabe-RS Falcon steering wheel arrived :-)

    Im in love… With my brand new NOS (New old stock) Watanabe-RS (Japan) “Falcon” steering wheel. It’s kind of the “holy grail” of vintage japanese sports steering wheels: A little investigation at rs-watanabe and i figured out only 250 of these were ever made by watanabe around 1985 – so awesome i found a unused one πŸ™‚

  • 240Z: Wing sanding 1

    Nothing big today either, just started to sand down the wing i bought recently. Before: After 1,5 hours sanding by hand – one side done (still need to do the rear side, but don’t have any feeling in my arms anymore, so decided to quit :D): Sadly figured out it was broken and fixed once in the past, but not a too big problem:

  • GARAGE: New tool cart

    Nothing big, but my home gets a complete make-over soon so i’ll be able to move a lot of stuff from the garage out and have a lot of extra-space. So i plan to add some more shelves and workspace to the garage.. thought i’ll start with a cool tool-cart i bought today πŸ™‚

  • 240Z: Tumbling some screws (how to)

    So after i got my new delfir-chips i decided to make a little how-to: 1) Add Delfilr-chips and the parts you want to clean-up into the tumbler: 2) Add water (water 1:4 delfir chips ratio), and 2-3 drops dish washing fluid: 3) add a bit of random grease to one of the screws (this will give all the parts inside a thin grease cot which prevents it from immeadiatly starting to rust!, you will need to bath them in grease remover before giving the parts to the galvanizing-company!!) 4) Put lock on the tumbler, let it run πŸ™‚ 5) wait. have a beer meanwhile. check progress after about 8-12 hours…

  • 240Z: bought a wing :)

    Today i visited Ruedi SchnΓΌeriger, former head of the Datsun-z-club Switzerland, to pick up a used, but cheap genuine datsun rear wing: As you can see it needs new screws, a bit of sanding and new paint, but otherwise it’s in great condition πŸ™‚ Sadly his Zed was underneath a winter-Pjama, so i wasn’t able to see much of it, but outside is the son’s latest Z-car project. A black 240Z. That needs some work to get the proper look again – typical swiss 70/80ies style Z with rear louvres, massive vented hood and widened fenders (steel job in this case) extra gauges and stuff. like the wheels, forgot to…

  • 240Z: Abrasives

    So you remember stripping the old screws from paint and rust didn’t work with the nutshell grain delivered with the tumbler? thanks to Markus’ Ford Project blog i found the information on which abrasives i need to get thos damn parts clean again πŸ™‚ I finally ordered a set of PL-M Delfir Chips, 1x1x1cm he recommanded at a local company which makes abrasives: Polyservice after a few days of waiting they finally arrived here, so i hope i can try this stuff soon: