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SHOULD I? OS-Giken TC24-B1Z Engine

Im currently reworking my home so progress will be very slow this month on the Z, but i promise i’ll be back at the garage when that is done 😉
I hate blogs just posting stuff from other Blogs, but i could’nt resist this beauty..
The OS-giken TC24-B1 Masterpiece now in it’s latest form known as TC24-B1Z shown at the nostalgic2das in Japan:

Based on some old casts found in a corner at OS-giken the reworked their own twincam head design to latest technology state-of-the-art standards and it now turns up to 10’000 rpm

it’s based on an L28 block which through the mods now has 3.02L and pushes 420HP at the crank!

the Timing chain  has been replaced with a crazy gear system to get up securely to those high rpm’s!!!

just look at those beautiful Carbon intake funnels at the Mikuni triple carbs!!

It’s not quite clear how much will be produced. it’s said that only 11 have been made from the old design.. allthough the price tag is know. around 30’000 for the complete engine including intake stuff, carbs and manifold. but hell, this would be worth the money if i had it! look at this beautiful art of engineering:


  • Eric Neyerlin

    On April 2 the photos in this post were not viewable in my Safari browser. Would appreciate if the blog owner could look into this and correct it if at his end.
    I’d like to see the engine spoken off to see if it has the same head as a contact of mine reported as being in his storage building wrapped up in a blanket and left there over 10 years ago! Would be a gold mine if it is one and the same head?


      There is a lot of information about the original OS-Giken TC24B1 Engine and the lately re-invented tc24B1Z on where i also got the pictures from (fixed the broken links, thanks for your feedback!).
      here you can get the full spec sheets / Cataloge from the old and new tc24B1Z which you actually can buy these days (the new version):

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