240Z: Old 240Z Base + New 510 Housing = New 240Z Mirrors :)

Can’t be happier! Usually good and simple plans never work as i thought, but this time it worked very well. istead of sourcing some new JDM Fairlady fender mirrors i decided to buy sume used ones, but these were too damaged, so i bought a set of New 510Mirrors which seemed to be actually the same, just with a shorter base-mount. i decided to swap the old 240Z base to the new 510 Mirrors to have some kind of new 240Z mirrors:
1) before – you can see how the 240Z base is longer compared to the 510 (left)

2) Disasembled everything:

3) and interchanged the two base mounts:

5) Fits perfectly!! even the 510 Plastic piece on the bottom-end fits perfect to the 240Z Base mount:

So these parts will get a proper sandblast and black powdercoating soon (And also will have to swap over that base mounting screw…)

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