EJ9: Electrical problems pt.I – found

Well After my crash in summer i got a new (used) rear hatch installed. Since then none of the hatchback’s electrical functions (rear wiper, window heater, 3rd brake light, licence lights,..) ever worked. As im into electronics at my daily work i decided to take my Multimeter and measure.
These are the two connectors above the right rear wheel housing (below the speaker holes), that connect the hatchback harness with the rear-harness:

here i’m measuring the connectivity – wire seems broken..

and this is what i found out: Seems like the hatch wire harness is broken or cut apart..
At the red connectors (Same as in first photo) all the voltages are ok, but following the line there are no voltages at the green connectors, which should be the same. so somehow the wires must be interruped. If the wires where short-cicuited a fuse would have been burnt, but then i would’nt have the correct voltages at the red connector, but none.
So it definitly must be interrupted somehow.. Also checked for some ground connectivity problems, but ground seems to be well connected..
will need to get the harness out one day and check it.. argh..

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