SOLD: Genuine EK9 climate console with electronics

Update: ITEM SOLD!
I’ve bought this a while ago for my daily EJ9, but since i bought a real EK9 now i have this one for sale. It’s a genuine, used but totally mint and great working condition EK9 Climate console panel. Only to be found in the Japanese (RHD) Honda Civic type-R EK9 models.
Including the electronics on the rear side. This one is from a facelifted (99-00 Kouki) model, but should also fit other Models, slight modifcations might be neccessary. If you’re interrested let me know so we can talk about pricing etc. Worldwide shipping no problem!

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16 Responses to SOLD: Genuine EK9 climate console with electronics

  1. Gazzali says:


    I’m interested.Please let me know the price.
    Drop me a mail to


    • Hi gazzali
      i’ve sent you a mail regarding the EK9 climate console i have for sale. did you get it?
      kind regards
      – Nils

      • Gazzali says:

        Hi Nils,

        Thanks a lot for the mail. I manage to find a whole EK9 dashboard with center console and clusters.
        Anyway thank you very much for the prompt reply.

        Best regards


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  3. paul says:

    Hi i was wondering if you still had this centre console for sale. Thanks

  4. mso says:

    how much for that part?

  5. mso says:

    I can pay for that 150$, if you want, you have my email.

  6. j says:

    is this still for sale? shoot me an email please

  7. vladimir Contreras says:

    me interesa

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