240Z Project

240Z: Cage fight aka Saito Rollcage Test assambly

After receiving the Rollcage yesterday, i just could’nt hold back to have a look on it…
1) Started off with unrwapping all the parts (about 30min…)
2) finally all parts unwrapped:
3) had to figure out how the parts fit together so i made a little lay-out:
4) Here you see the manufacturer. I’m really impressed of the quality japanese manufacturer make on the parts.
5) after that i had to “test-build” it with a few zipties 🙂
6) And of course i had to do a little “test-drive” 😀 Love my new Chromoly Cage 🙂


  • JDMjunkies.ch

    HI Keith,
    Well the Saito costs about 1500 $ + Import. i bought it directly in Japan, and remember the cusco cage was slightly cheaper. but there are so many options on this cage so it’s hard to tell you a price. Mine is a bolted in type (welded is the other option) which surrounds the dashboards so you don’t have to take it out or cut it. then i have an optiona harness bar with harness mounst etc. you can have it in a lot of different styles. so best is to talk to a shop over in japan or which is specialized in importing parts from there. they’re all custom made, so dont expect anyone have this in stock. hope this helped, otherwise let me know. cu

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