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FRIENDS: Audi Quattro Group B Rallye replicas!

Holy shit! Sometimes you just stumble across some of the coolest machinery without having ever knowed that this has been in your neighbourhood for a few years or so! That’s exactly what happend to me today. Was on my way to fix a few things at my EK9 when i spotted this awesomeness in the building next to my garage:

Didn’t trust my eyes, but these are some of the rarest Audi Ur-quattro group B replica cars.. the one in the garage was even the one and only wide-bodied & Engine transplanted street legal one in switzerland!

The guys working on the cars where prepping the car on the outside for some rallying in Italy. They where very friendly and let me take a few pictures and have a look in their garage. Hell! What i found here is absolutely hardcore Audi Quattro heaven! At least three complete cars plus two shells, an Engine and in the background an old VW Bug..

Beautiful raw rallye interieur.

Both cars where signed by the one and only Walter Röhrl. What a passion…

Love the way those cars have the oil cooler mounted into the rear wing 🙂

Im usually really not into european cars. But some old Group B monsters are for sure every car enthusiasts dream. Specially when as beautiful as these..

love the classic shapes of these cars:

and they’re also impossible to pay over here…

Oh and cool to know they also have some love for my old Z 🙂 Thanks guys and im glad you told me to say hello at any time again 😀


  • Tim Maskus

    Being here in the usa we are not fortunate to visit or see in action the ex Group B Audis that ruled the world ( ok there were other group b icons too ) with the exclusion of John Buffums ex Michele Mouton car there are no other Ex works cars to view. So I built my own. Purists dont really care for us replica builders, but I understand and really do get why. But unfortunately we long for the sights and sounds of the Group B Cars and this is the only way to do it here in North America. Long live the passion of Group B in what ever format it is presented. – Tim M

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