240Z: Transmission parts and new Rear quarter Panels delivery

One of t hose lucky days again where i get several deliveries at the same time 🙂
One was an Ebay buy, A NOS Transmission breather vent:

The second one was a New Speedo pinion Gear, which was available through Nissan Japan:

Then, thanks to some tips of nice people in the community, i was able to purchase these Rear quarter panels. I promised to not tell the source. It’s a Last stock and one of the people that gave me the tip wants to buy the rest of the stock and sell it.

I have the feeling they are better than the tabco ones. with sharper edges.

When i have time i will make a direct comparison between tabco and these. Big thanks to the people who supported me with buying these. 🙂



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EK9: 10 Years EK9 Anniversary – A little retrospective!

Woooohow! Time to celebrate! When i recently browsed some old pictures, i figured out that, today exactly 10 Years ago, on the 20. April 2007 a journy started which i never thought would take me that far and bring me so much joy. Time to look back:

It all started with above bad quality auction pictures of a Tokyo based Car auction and an auction sheet that met my requirments. My partner in crime was then able to check it out in the auction parking lot and start the motor to see if it runs. He sent me a few pictures and a video of the running motor:

After we lost a few other auctions we finally won this one and a few days later the car was delivered to the RO/RO port of Yokohama by a local towing company. Again i got a few shots from my partner. Meanwhile he was preparing all the shipping documents, Insurrance, tax documents, export certificate, etc…

Here it’s in front of the RO/RO ship.

While waiting for the car to get loaded (took a few weeks), i got a EMS delivery with all the documents needed and the car’s manuals etc. Things started to get “real” 🙂

And another few weeks later my and my buddy were finally able to pick it up in Bremerhaven Port (germany) after a 7 hours drive. This is the first time i see my EK9. I couldn’t be happier. A dream came true back then. And instead of sleeping one night there before returning home as we had planned, we drove it straight back home again 7 hours, because it was just so unreal 🙂

It took me then another three years to finally have it homologated and legalized. It was all a bit tricky because it’s the only kind of B16b motor which has been registered here. And as far as i know it remains the only street legal EK9 in switzerland. Meanwhile even with some nice modifications. Here are some shots i made in it’s original glory:

Every now and then i think about selling the car. I don’t make a lot of miles in it, it costs a lot of money and it’s not really THAT valuable compared to other 90ies JDM cars. However everytime this happens i just hop into the drivers seat, make a little trip up the hills and come back with a huge grin and the decision to never sell it 🙂 who knows – opinions may change, but for now it’s still a bit of a love-thing. Let’s hope to keep her at least another 10 years 🙂 This is how it looks now:

BTW if you’re interrested in my mods you can read a build thread in german here:

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EK9: Free new windshield – when problems solve themselves

Long story short: I brought my EK9 to the annual scheduled maintenance service to my local Honda shop And that was the only thing planned. However Many years ago i had the windshield replaced by the very same garage and it wasn’t done properly. Unfortunately i never really noticed and when i realized there was a purely cosmetical problem it was too late to get some warranty work done. Since it wasn’t really a big issue i decided to leave it and get it done when i have some stone-chips or something since only the position was slightly off and the rubber a bit off too. No safety issues here.

But. When i brought it for the service, the garage noticed the window was slightly off and tried to fix it. but unfortunately they broke the old windshield. so at the end they had a me a completely new Windshield installed. luckily with perfect fitment this time. And since they broke the old one, their insurrance pays it. Perfect 🙂

Picture all show the replaced windshield. (no before pictures). Well, with a few days delay, the car is finally back in it’s home and ready for summer season 2017 🙂

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240Z: Speedo Pinion Gear Sleeve Assembly Fits

Nothing big here, just got another missing Piece of the transmission puzzle today:
The speedo pinion gear sleeve assembly:

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240Z: More transmission parts and Nagisa Parts delivery

Here we go 🙂 Got another parts delivery from the land of the rising sun. All needed transmission parts which were still available in Japan:

Rear hub:

Front seal gasket:

Then a friend of mine asked me to help him import some Nagisa Auto motor sports Part for his 240Z: Front adjustable tierod end-links:

And adjustable Doglegs. Really beautiful parts. seems like they changed their annodizing procedure, sinec the parts i have have a different colour. anyhow. Nice pieces. The Colour is more gunmetal in reality. the white-balance on my cam was a bit off…

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240Z: Random parts delivery

Yeah, a few weeks ago i was browsing the internet for some usable parts for my transmission restauration when i found this ebay seller from Thailand. Usually i’m not a big fan of Cheap Asian stuff. Only real deal Japanese OEM or Aftermarket. However when i found these parts and they seemed to be either Japanese-made or high-quality but for a good price, i thought i’d give it a go. so here’s what i got: Transmission / Clutch fork rubber boot. Made by Thailand company Turtlerubber / SPI-Goodrubber:

Firewall grommet. Unknown brand, but i assume the same as above:

Niles (Japan) Reverse light switch.  Niles is the original Supplier of nissan so i guess it’s an Original part:

Unknown brand Speedo cable:

Unknown brand Side marker (front) lamps:

DENSO (japan) Horn’s, 66dB:

New-Era (Japan, Aftermarket supplier) Voltage regulator:    

Not sure how all the parts fit and if they will end up in the car, but they were cheap and looked nice so i thought i buy them in a package deal. Looking good so far 🙂 More parts coming soon 🙂

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EVENT: Japaner Young- and Oldtimer meeting, 21.05.2017 Switzerland

It’s this time of the year again and Heiko (from www.Datsun.ch ) has just announced the first dates and information about the Annual Japanese young and oldtimer meeting in Bleienbach (Switzerland). Check out their website https://www.japanclassic.ch/ for more details and join the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1389450914452711/

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