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240Z: Transmission parts cleaned, shifter test-assembly

Nothing big here. just spent two hours cleaning all the transmission parts after the glass bead blasting. Removed some leftovers from the masking tape and blew away all the leftovers from the blasting from all the small corners, etc. Since … Continue reading

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240Z: Glass bead blasting part II

In my last post, i wrote about the fact that the transmission looked wrong after the “glass bead blasting”. Many readers pointed out it seems to have been just sandblasted. I contacted the blasting company again and asked what happened. … Continue reading

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240Z: Sand blasting vs glass bead blasting (Transmission back)

Last week i brought my transmission housing parts and some smaller bits to the local blasting company. The guy made a serious appearance and explained how Aluminum parts like these normally will be treated with class-triangles to break-up old paint … Continue reading

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PLACE: 25 Years Auto Mutzentäli (New NSX and Civic TypeR)

This weekend, the local Honda Garage “Auto Mutzentäli”, who’s in Charge of servicing my EK9 had it’s 25 Year celebration. Yesterday i got Invited for a dinner, but wasn’t able to attend, but today they had some Brunch and open … Continue reading

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240Z: Gear selector refresh welds by Cagedude

In my last post about the 240Z you could easy see how the gear selector was worn out and had some concave marks where the balls meet the selector. Since it’s a Cast iron item it’s a bit tricky to … Continue reading

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EK9: When problems solve them selves pt. II – Fresh paint

Lately problems on the EK9 seem to almost magically solve them selves 🙂 Like it happened with the windshield, another problem was solved again. A few weeks back one of the huge Garage-door return- / Counterweight-springs burst (a previous owner … Continue reading

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OTHER: The GT-R in front of my Office place

I’m not a big fan of Car-spotters and i’m neither a big fan of modern Tuning styles, with super-low cars and flashy colours that are purely for show purpose. However lately i discovered that any now and then a GT-R … Continue reading

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