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OTHER: I’ve got world’s first turbo Kit (HKS C100 Skyline L20 Street Turbo)

If you’re familiar with japanese cars and Turbocharging, HKS is THE brand to know. What many people don’t know ist that Mr. Hasegawa (The “H” in HKS) was the very first one in the world to develop and sell an … Continue reading

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EVENT: 50 Years Toyota Switzerland exhibition at Emil Frey Classic cars

This year “Emil Frey”, the holding which also owns toyota switzerland is celebrating 50 Years of toyota Switzerland. They have a special “classic Car” center in a beautifully restored old industrial building. Normally they have changing exhibitions from the various … Continue reading

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240Z: TABCO vs Klokkerholm & other Rear quarter panels Comparison

One of the most problematic area in any 240Z restauration are the rear quarter panels. The problem is, that during the years it has most probably been repaired with cheap patches and a ton of bondo. Even the so called … Continue reading

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240Z: NOS Air filter

Nothing big, but at the recent show i met my buddy Stefan who had a little gift for me: A NOS Air filter complete with factory boxing. I love this kind of stuff and another piece in the puzzle … Continue reading

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SHOW: Japan Young- and Oldtimermeeting Bleienbach, 2017

Yesterday i paid a visit to the always great Japanese Young and oldtimermeeting in Bleienbach (Switzerland). It seems like it’s getting bigger and better every year. The great weather brought people from as far away as a 6 hour drive … Continue reading

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240Z: Transmission internals FS5C71A

While i consider the 240Z quite a common classic (compared to other cars) around the world, it can get hard to find good quality spare-parts – especially for the parts that where installed in markets outside america only. As it … Continue reading

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FOR SALE: L24 NOS Racing camshaft

A reader of this blog asked me if i could help him put his rare part for sale. Usually i don’t do this kind of stuff, but because it’s a rare and cool part i thought in this special case … Continue reading

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