About me

About me:
My Name is Nils, born in ’83 and living in Switzerland.

The JDMjunkies.ch story
In 2004 i got my drivers licence and everything started to go crazy. After i learned the hard way that cheap ebay parts are not worth its money and there was no possibility to get hands on rare JDM stuff over here in central europe i started a company called JDMjunkies.ch in 2005. The company was specialized on importing ultra-rare new and used parts from Japan. During that time i learned much about japanese cars and got to know a lot of cool people with same interrests and huge knowledge.
Due to lack of time i had to close down the company in 2009, even if it was running very well. But of course my automotive projects stayed alive…

The Blog(s)
In 2009 i started a blog about my EK9 project and with the start of the Datsun project i had another Blog up in 2010. One year later i was thinking about how i could use my old JDMJ domain and webspace and thought i would be cool to start a new blog project with my own setup, design and domain name and combine all my old blogs into a new, more recent updated blog – Here it is 😀

Hope you enjoy reading my Blog as much as i do writing it and working on the projects.
If you have some questions or inputs, please let me know 🙂

Best regards / Grüsse / Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu
– Nils

2 Responses to About me

  1. Hejj. I think you speak german.
    Ich wollte mal fragen warum du nicht mehr Teile importiertst, diesen Teil deiner Geschichte habe ich leider nicht verstanden.
    Gruss Maurice
    EK4 owner

    • HI Maurice, ja bin aus der Schweiz 😀
      Also Ich habe damals aus zeitgründen aufgehört. Ich habe dies nebenbei gemacht und es lief sozusagen “zu gut”, Ich habe damals voll gearbeitet, nebenbei noch an der HF Studiert und dann hat das Geschäft auch noch ca 30% Meiner Freizeit in anspruch genommen, so das ich täglich etwa 15Stunden gearbeitet habe was irgendwann zu viel wurde. Ich importiere aber immernoch teile wenn man mich anfragt, h abe einfach keinen shop mehr oder so. kriege ja praktisch monatlich noch eine grosslieferung für mich, freunde, alte Kunden und bekannte. Also wenn du was brauchst schick mir ne email oder per Kontaktformular ne Anfrage 😀
      Grüsse – Nils

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