BUSINESS: To-Box / Kawai works strut tower bars

Just got in a set of To-Box / Kawai works Strut tower bar for a subaru Legacy BE/BH Model for Jürg, an old customer of mine which has a soft sport for crazy older subaru’s :)
P1100019 - Kopie

P1100018 - Kopie

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2 Responses to BUSINESS: To-Box / Kawai works strut tower bars

  1. Julian Zed says:

    Lovely parts. The quality of most parts coming from Japan, is just amazing. How about the cost of good L28 ? Can you source that? Let me know :-)

  2. HI Iulian, yes i could but i think it’s way easier and cheaper to look out for an L28 in switzerland or nearby europe – the transportation costs for a complete engine from japan would be seriously high ;)

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